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How to Build a Wigwam for a School Program

  • 1). Apply a layer of clay approximately 1 inch thick on the board. This mimics the soil that the wigwam would have been built on. It also secures the poles that will be used to build the wigwam.

  • 2). Insert 12 of the twigs into the clay, arranging them in a circle. (The twigs must be springy; if they are brittle, they will not bend.) The circle should be the same size as the circumference of your wigwam. Bend two of the twigs that are opposite each other in the circle toward each other. Lash them together at the top with thread. Bend two more opposite twigs and tie them to the two already centered. Continue until all 12 twigs are tied together in the center of the circle.

  • 3). Thread another twig horizontally between the tied twigs in the structure in an under, over, under, over pattern. Repeat this pattern with the remaining three twigs, spacing them equally to give the structure some shape. Clip off any excess from the twigs.

  • 4). Place the board with the twig structure under the heat lamp for an hour or so. This dries out the clay and secures the structure's base.

  • 5). Put super glue on the inside of the bark strips and wrap them around the structure to form the wigwam. Tie thread around the bark for extra security. Add small rocks and sprigs of greenery to the clay around the wigwam to decorate the model.

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