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Alternatives to Air Conditioners in Apartments


    • Fans can be an inexpensive alternative to apartment air conditioning. Ceiling fans are the most effective because they circulate cool air around the room. If your apartment doesn't have ceiling fans installed, you can buy portable floor fans, table fans or adjustable tall fans. The more the better as, for optimal effectiveness, it's best to have a fan in every room.

      At night, put a portable floor fan or a table fan in an open window. Turn the fan toward the outside, open all internal apartment doors, including cabinets, and allow the fan to suck the hot air out of the rooms and replace it with cool, night air. When the sun comes up, shut the windows, blinds and curtains to keep the air inside cooler than the air outside. Keep the fans on so they'll continue to circulate the cool air inside.

    Cool Water

    • Water is an important component in keeping cool in an apartment without air conditioning. Drink cool water frequently to replenish the bodily fluids lost while sweating. Put ice cubes in a glass of cold water and blow carefully through the top of the glass. This will generate cold air to cool your face.

      Keep a wet, cool towel on your forehead and chest to lower your body temperature. Wrapping ice cubes in a cool cloth and applying them to your wrists, back of your neck and other pulse points can also bring significant heat relief.

      Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Spray cold water on your sleeves and pant legs. Stand where you can feel the fan's breeze. This will cool you off immediately.

    Limit Energy Sources

    • Lights and appliances generate heat. Keep lights off during sunlight hours in the summertime to lower the internal temperature of your apartment.

      Save the dishes and other chores for later. Don't turn on the dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner or any other appliance that uses electricity and increases apartment temperature. Don't use the stove during the day. Instead, eat cold sandwiches and salads rather than hot foods.

      Conserve your personal energy as well. Keep excessive indoor activity to the minimum during summer days. Remain as still, quiet, and calm as possible to maintain a low internal temperature.

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