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How Each Gender Is Affected by Omega 3 Fish Oils Supplements

The DHA type is beneficial for pregnant woman because Omega 3 fatty acids help the baby's developing brain.
EPA is an anti-inflammatory, helping with joint and skin related issues.
In addition, EPA helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.
A new study has indicated that Omega 3 acids do in fact affect men and women differently because of the sex hormones that the two genders have.
Platelet aggregation is how platelets in the blood system form clots.
Blood clots are necessary for the healing process of wounds, but when they form in blood vessels, it causes blockages.
There are medications and non-medical aids that can help stop these blockages.
Omega 3 fatty acids are one of these aids.
While the research has not shown a certain type of Omega 3 fish oil affecting this power, the research has shown that the gender of the individual does affect the efficiency of this benefit of Omega 3.
In one research study, thirty adults were given either an EPA or DHA only Omega 3 supplement.
After 24 hours, the type of supplement did not seem to have an effect on platelet aggregation.
Instead, the difference came in gender of the adults.
In this study, EPA seemed to benefit males more, while DHA benefited females more.
Because of this study, there should be a difference in how the fish oil supplements are offered to consumers.
You will want to decide which supplement is right for you.
Of course, both EPA and DHA are very beneficial to heart health as well as disease prevention, choosing the right levels of the different types of the fatty acids can help them be even more helpful for you.

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