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How to Plug in a Mic to an iTouch

    • 1). Turn the iTouch on.

    • 2). Plug the microphone's cord or output cable into the headphones jack located at the bottom part of the iTouch.

    • 3). Unlock the iTouch, if necessary.

    • 4). Press the "Voice Memos" application icon on the iTouch screen. The Voice Memos application opens.

    • 5). Press the red "Record" button under the microphone animation on the iTouch screen. Then, speak into the microphone. Press the same button when finished.

    • 6). Press the button on the bottom-right portion of the Voice Memos screen. The audio files saved in the application appear. Listen to and/or delete memos as you wish.

    • 7). Press the "Home" button on the iTouch to close the application.

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