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Why Married Men Leave

Could it be that there is there another woman? Have there been any signs? Really, think about it.
Has he been coming home late or leaving early? Does he smell differently? Is he dressing differently? Do you notice anything? I know these times are not easy.
Right now, you are feeling sad, angry, and mad.
You are just not sure what happened.
You thought your life was going well.
You have been married for years and you children are growing up.
All of a sudden, he just left.
He didn't tell you why or what happened.
Nope, he just left.
All you want now is to know what happened so you can get him back.
Well, have you thought about how you treat him? Men rarely like women that are always yelling at them.
They prefer to be quieter.
If you are the type of woman that likes to yell, I have to say you need to stop.
Think about your actions.
If you could calm it down you might have a chance at getting him back.
Are you still friends with him? Does he come before your children? One of the most important ingredients for a marriage is friendship.
Friendship is how your entire relationship started to begin with.
Could it be there is no friendship and that is why he left? Just remember married men leave for many different reasons.
They leave for other women, they leave because of how they are treated, they leave because there is no friendship, and the list goes on.

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