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Avoiding Recompression in DVD Architect

    • 1). Make sure you have both DVD Architect and Movie Studio installed on your computer. Movie Studio should include the audio program. It's a good idea to have all the Sony video and audio programs. If you're using one Sony program, use all of them so everything is compatible.

    • 2). Open Movie Studio and DVD Architect. Load the recordable DVD into the DVD drive. Edit your movie as you see fit, using Movie Studio.

    • 3). Render the movie's video file only without the audio. Select the "Render As" option, then choose "MainConcept MPEG-2 (*.mpg)" from the dialog box. Select "DVD Architect Video Stream" in the templates box to render the video. Do not use "DVD NTSC" because this is what causes Architect to recompress.

    • 4). Return to the "Render As" option. Select Dolby Digital AC-3 Studio (*.ac3) to render the movie's audio file. You must give the audio file the same name as the video file you previously rendered. Rendering the audio file at 48,000 Hertz, 16 Bit and PCM or Ac-3 are good choices (AC-3 will have a smaller file).

    • 5). Switch to DVD Architect and import the files. Since both the audio and video files have the same name, they will be imported together. Burn the project onto the DVD and there will be no recompression, keeping the files in their smaller, more compact format. There must be no audio on the video file for this to work.

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