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Certain French coordinating conjunctions can be repeated in front of each of the joined items for emphasis:
  • et... et   both... and
  • ne... ni... ni   neither... nor
  • ou... ou   either... or
  • soit... soit   either... or


   Je connais et Jean-Paul et son frère.
   I know both Jean-Paul and his brother.
   Jean-Paul and son frère are both people (nouns).

   Tu peux ou regarder la télé ou jouer au foot.

   You can either watch TV or play soccer.
   Regarder and jouer are both infinitives.

   Soit avant, soit après, ça m'est égal.
   Either before or after, I don't care.
   Avant and après are both prepositions.

   Il ne mange ni la viande ni les légumes.
   He eats neither meat nor vegetables.
   Viande and légumes are both foods (nouns).

Note that for the negative coordinating conjunction ne... ni... ni, the word ne goes in front of the verb, just like the ne in other negative structures.

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