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List Building Made Easy By Video

In nearly every article we read on Internet Marketing, people state the secret of success is in List Building.
Whereas I have understood this for some time, until recently, nobody had shown me how to build the list.
I kept reading about squeeze pages (or landing pages) and autoresponders.
I have now watched step-by-step videos and have built my squeeze page, I have a high quality FREE product to give away, and I am building my list in an autoresponder.
For me, this did not seem possible only a few weeks ago.
Firstly, a list is purely a database of people who are interested in a niche area whether that is in health products, weight loss, making money, or any other topic.
The main elements of list building are: 1.
Squeeze page - sometimes called a landing page.
This is simply a page that aims to collect a name and email address normally by giving away a free product.
The main point here is that the giveaway should be a high quality product, rather than one of the many free products available on the Internet.
Once the name and email address are entered the rest is automatic.
The details are collected by an autoresponder (this is where the list is built).
The free product is then delivered as the visitor is automatically taken to a download area.
Autoresponders Every Internet marketer regards an autoresponder as essential to success on the Internet.
Quite simply, it enables you to do the following: -Collect names and email addresses of people interested in a particular topic.
-Deliver electronic products automatically by sending visitors to a download area.
Automatically send follow up messages to your interested visitors.
Once your visitor has received the free gift, it is widely believed that it takes 6 or 7 messages before somebody buys a product.
Trying to sell immediately is not advisable.
You can set the autoresponder to send messages out automatically.
For example, you may decide that messages are sent out daily.
Trying to do this manually to a list of hundreds or thousands is not recommended.
Targeted Lists If you have built up a list of people interested in a market area, only offer products in that sector.
For example, if your list is interested in weight loss, don't try to offer products in forex trading.
This may sound obvious but if you do this you will find all your hard work counts for nothing, as subscribers decide to leave your list.
My squeeze page took less than a day to put together and is now building my list.

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