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How to Fix Damaged Rims

    • 1). Tape a two-inch border around the tire and the rim with masking tape. This protects the tire as you are repairing the rim.

    • 2). File rough and protruding edges with a metal file, until they are smooth and even. File in one direction.

    • 3). Patch the damaged areas with a patching material, such as Bondo or JB Weld. Apply the patching material with a putty knife. Fill in the damaged areas with a generous amount of patching material. Wait four to eight hours.

    • 4). Sand the patched area with 150-grit sandpaper. Continue sanding with increasingly lighter grit sandpaper, until the rim is smooth and even. Inspect the rim. Apply more patching material, if necessary.

    • 5). Wipe the rim with lacquer thinner and a clean cloth. This removes all the contaminants that will interfere with the primer and paint.

    • 6). Apply two light coats self-etching primer. Hold the nozzle of the primer eight inches above the rim as you apply the primer. Applying light coats prevents the primer from running or forming heavy deposits. Allow ten to fifteen minutes between applications.

    • 7). Apply several light coats of automotive paint to the rims. Follow the same procedure used for applying the primer.

    • 8). Remove the masking tape after the paint on the rims has dried.

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