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Spam Fighting Techniques

    • Email allows for almost instantaneous communication with others around the globe, but it can also become a gateway for unsolicited messages and advertisements. Unwanted emails, also called spam, can be annoying and may even contain inappropriate content or harmful data. Taking steps to avoid spam will help keep your email inbox from being flooded with junk.

    Use Multiple Accounts

    • Every time you use your email account to sign up for a new account or service at a website, you open yourself up to the possibility of spam. Some websites give member email addresses to advertisers or may send you emails that you don't want to receive. A way to avoid spam in your main email account is to set up a secondary email account to use when you create accounts online or sign up for newsletters. Ensure to record the user name and password associated with the secondary account; it can be easy to forget information for accounts you don't use often.

    Protect Your Address

    • Another way to avoid spam is to protect your email address from getting on spam lists. Computers can search the Internet for email addresses typed on websites in forums, message boards, and blog posts and then create spam lists from emails that they discover. Avoid writing your email address online in any form. If you must post an email address, use a secondary account.

    Opt Out of Email Lists

    • Sometimes spam messages come from the same sender over and over again due to being on a mailing list. Oftentimes these messages might be from senders that you once cared about, but now consider a waste of time. For instance, you could get monthly newsletters for a website that you no longer use. If you receive such emails, open the next email you get and search the email to find out if there is a link to opt out of the email list. Legitimate websites allow users to stop receiving emails if they don't want them.

    Mark Messages as Spam

    • Email providers are aware of the problem of spam and may offer tools to control and limit spam such as a folder dedicated to spam. In some cases, messages that you actually want to read may be sent to your spam folder. If you receive spam messages in your main inbox, select the message and report it as spam. This will send the message to the spam folder and may help block future messages from the same sender.

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