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3 Great Ways to Get a Woman"s Attention

With pick-up, the most important factor is getting the woman's attention.
No matter how good your game is, you will not make any impression whatsoever if she does not give you her attention.
So how do we get it? Here are 3 simple steps to get a woman's attention in a bar.
The Clever Line Approach Very basic and it goes back to the old school pick-ups, but hey, it still works.
Just approach a woman that is busy or surrounded by other men trying to get her attention and give her a big compliment.
Not just any compliment, it needs to be a little specific.
You see, women happen to be like cats.
They like nothing more than knowing they are more beautiful than other women.
So giving them what they want is exactly what you should do.
Tell her something like: "I know that all the women in this place would give their first-born to look as beautiful as you do.
" Works amazingly well.
The Direct Approach This is like the clever line approach, only that you are not expressing just as much confidence.
You have to use your intuition on when to use these two approaches, some work for some women, and others the other one.
Now, the direct approach is one where you just walk up to the woman and say something like: "I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life and I'm happy to have met you.
" Tell her your name and ask for hers and then leave her be.
This will sometimes be quite impressive for some women, feeling that you were just being really gutsy going at them like that and she will most often go over to you and then you go from there.
The Fake Approach This last one is a little sneaky and might even be a little hard for people to go through with, but it is very good to approach specific women.
This works best in big cities.
Pretending to be someone important, like an agent for movie stars or something.
Get a hold of a lot of pictures of women and take them with you to a restaurant and take them out and look through them.
You will often get approached by either a customer or a waitress that is wondering what you are doing.
Explain that you are an agent, and they might be asking because they want to get into the business.
By helping them, they will be friendly to you and open up to you, and the game gets easier this way.
Some might find this unethical, I don't do it anymore, but it will score some very hot women at some periods, so you should try it if you feel adventurous.

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