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How to Stitch Seed Beads

    • 1). Select the beads for your design and separate them into small piles by color in the bead trays.

    • 2). Condition the thread with wax to make threading the needle easier. Thread the needle and then knot one end of the thread.

    • 3). Follow a pattern to create your design--there are many different stitching techniques from which to choose--or try a simple ladder stitch. To do so, thread the needle through two beads and move them down near the end of the thread. Pull the needle back through the first bead toward the second bead and pull snug, so the two beads are right next to each other. Pull the needle through the second bead toward the first bead, and then through the first bead and back through the second bead.

    • 4). Add another bead through the needle to position it next to the second bead and repeat step 3. Continue the ladder stitch until you have completed your row.

    • 5). Knot the end of the row and sew it on to your project, or, if you are making a necklace or another similar project, continue to stitch. Get additional stitching techniques from a pattern, or try a free tutorial online, such as

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