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Kids Indoor Teepee Crafts

    The Basics

    • A teepee is constructed using poles and a covering fabric. The poles can be full-sized and covered with heavy fabric, or scaled down to tabletop size and covered with paper. Use five poles of equal heights, gather them together and spread them into a circular frame. You'll then have five triangular sections. Cut fabric or paper into triangles to fit the frame and join them together on the long edges by sewing or gluing.

    Paper Teepees

    • Make a miniature teepee using craft sticks and construction paper. Gather five craft sticks about one-fifth of the way from one end and secure them with a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around the sticks several times, making it tight enough to hold the sticks in place, but loose enough to allow you to arrange them in a circle. Measure the triangular sections between the sticks and cut five paper triangles to that size, adding 1/4 inch on the right and left long edges for joining. Decorate the paper triangles using markers, crayons, paints, stickers or photos. Glue the paper sections together by overlapping the long edges, leaving the last one open on the bottom to a point about halfway up for a door flap. Put a line of glue along each join on the inside. Drop the paper covering over the frame, making sure that the joins are resting on the sticks, and press them into place.

    Cloth Teepee

    • Make a play-size teepee using poles and fleece throws. Buy 6 foot long wooden poles, slats or PVC pipe at a home store. Gather them together about one-fifth of the way from one end, using bungee cords, rope or twine, and arrange them in a circle. Purchase five inexpensive fleece throws of any color, and fold or cut them into triangular shapes to fit the frame, leaving a 5/8-inch seam allowance on each long edge. Decorate the fleece by gluing on appliqués or shapes cut from other fabric. Tape, glue or sew the throws together along the long edges, leaving the last one open from the bottom to a point about halfway up for a door flap. Slide the covering over the frame from the top.

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