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How to Make a Ribbon Design

    Sew Ribbon to a Garment

    • 1). Use the chalk to draw the ribbon design on the garment. Draw a line where the ribbon is to be placed. To make the design more interesting, create loops, twists and dimension.

    • 2). Pin the ribbon over the chalked line.

    • 3). Sew the ribbon to the garment in the center of the ribbon, removing the pins just before you reach them.

    • 4). Brush the chalk marks away with your hands.

    Make a Ribbon-Embellished Pin

    • 1). Cut lengths of ribbon to make up your design. The design could include different widths, different colors, and different types of ribbon.

    • 2). Secure the ribbon ends to the base (flat side) of the pin using hot glue from the glue gun. You may add as many pieces of ribbon as they can fit on the pin base. Loop some pieces and glue the other end to the base as well, creating a circle. Tie some ends in bows for interest.

    • 3). Allow the glue to dry.

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