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Wedding Colours

Life and love have their own ups and downs, ins and outs and are always presented in different tastes and different shades. What is the colour of yours?
Couples have this great excitement when choosing their wedding motifs. They usually decide on their favourite colours but usually the centre of their problems come when their favourite colours dont match at all. Then they try to get the advice of others but end up not liking the colour at all. Here are some things that need to be considered once choosing your wedding motif:


The wedding theme is important. If you choose a theme from the medieval time when natures natural colors were more appreciated and then you cant find the colours red and black in that wedding. The period of your wedding theme is a very important thing to consider. Choosing a theme from the past makes you choose between the more neutral and earthy colors. Themes of the future require colours of lifhts and metals. Avoid using different colors that would make your wedding day look like a carnival.


The place where your wedding will be held is a very important factor to consider. You have to make the wedding colour accentuate the place where your wedding will be held. Some places choose the colours that are applied while some dont like the Pavilion room of the Guthrie Castle with its website in Scotland. The place is set to welcome any color that will be used with its theme.


The season of your wedding is also an important factor to consider. Autumn and summer would bring out the best of the colours gold, yellow, brown and red. Winter provides clarity and elegance when you use white or blue and spring can bring out the best of shades of green and other floral colours.


The time of your wedding is also important as the natural light of the day brings out the best in some colors and the touching colours of the night work best for some colors with the effects of lights.
You also have to know the meaning of some wedding colors to make it easier for you to choose which one you need to use.
Most brides choose white as it symbolizes purity and elegance as Queen Victoria used it before. White itself has different shades from diamond-white to ivory white. The color lavender is usually used in traditional wedding since it is related mostly to royalty as well as blue. Different shades of pink in weddings emphasize the overruling of the woman in the choice of motif while red can represent the couples passion and desire.
Choosing different colors of your wedding is important as it represents the couples feeling and personalities.

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