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Connect the Dots Games for Kids

    Acid Rain Connect The Dots

    • Kids learn about the effects of acid rain in this connect-the-dots activity at the United States Environmental Protection Agency site. Starting at the dot labeled "1," kids click the numbered dots in lowest-to-highest order. As kids connect the dots, a picture takes shape. After completing the picture, information pertaining to the image appears on the screen. Kids click "Next Picture" to move on to the next image. As a variation, kids may print out the image to color on a piece of paper.

    Connect The Dots

    • With just four lines at their disposal, kids try connecting a group of dots in "Connect the Dots," accessible at sites like Online Games Lobby. In the first level, kids must connect eight dots with four straight lines. Kids press their left mouse button and click to drag a line from dot to dot. If kids connect the dots with four lines, they advance to the next level.

    Connect The Car Dots

    • Kids connect dots to form colorful car images in this activity, accessible at The Chevron Cars. After choosing a car from a list of named cars such as Bailey Bouncer, Casey Coupe and Frankie 4 Wheeler, kids click "1" to begin connecting. Players move their mouse to drag the line from one number to the next, and click on numbers in lowest-to-highest order as they proceed. Once kids connect all the dots, the full car appears and, in appreciation, honks a few times.

    Connect The Dots Game

    • Salvabear Dali needs help completing portraits of his friends in this connect-the-dots game at Funbrain. Kids choose one of the following levels to connect dots by number: "Count by 1's," "Count by 5's" or"'Count Backwards." To connect dots by letters, kids choose "Every Letter," "Missing Letters" or "Alphabet in Reverse." When kids click a number or letter, the page refreshes to show their progress. Kids score a "Good Going!" from Salvabear for clicking the correct dots; if they click the wrong dots, Salvabear tells them to try again. Upon completing a level, Salvabear exclaims, "Hooray!"

    Game Of Dots

    • Kids use skill and strategy to beat the computer in "Game of Dots," accessible at sites like SuperKids. To start the game, kids click a dot and proceed to click an adjacent dot -- horizontally or vertically -- to form a red line connecting the two dots. Kids alternate turns with their computer opponent. After connecting two dots that form the last side of a four-sided box, players score one point and red color fills the box. In turn, the computer opponent scores one point if it creates a box, turning the box blue. Kids earn extra moves in a turn for creating four-sided boxes. The game ends once all possible boxes have filled on the screen.


    • Racing against the clock, kids connect dots as quickly as possible in "Scribble," accessible at sites like Token Arcade. Starting at "1," kids hold down their left mouse button and drag the crayon from number to number in lowest-to-highest order. The game records the number of seconds it takes players to connect all dots in a level. If kids connect to the wrong dot, they start over.

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