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The Best Anti Wrinkle Face Creams - Do They Really Fight Wrinkles?

Wrinkles may look adorable on a shar-pei or bulldog, but on humans it's another story.
Many people are troubled by the wrinkling skin that becomes common as you age.
Let's face it - unless you are blessed with amazing genes, you will most likely end up with at least a wrinkle or two in your older years.
Have you ever wondered what causes wrinkles? With time, skin from your entire body becomes drier and ages, particularly your face, neck, back of your hands and tops of your forearms.
Areas of skin that have been exposed to sun experience an even more rapid abundance of wrinkles.
The wrinkles may appear as fine lines such as the ones that appear in the corner of your eyes or deeper furrows that often form on your forehead.
This is a completely natural process that occurs in most humans across the planet.
Some companies like Hydroderm are making great strides in fighting wrinkles.
Hydroderm scientists have created new ways to deliver collagen deep into the skin.
Collagen is essential for healthy skin and as we age we start to lose more and more thus causing wrinkles.
Using scientific know-how they have developed one of the best anti wrinkle face creams on the market.
However, certain factor exist that may increase your tendency to develop wrinkles.
We can control some of these influences such as deciding to quit smoking which often results in increased wrinkles, especially in the upper and lower lips or near the eyes, cheeks and lower jaw.
In fact this wrinkling is sometimes referred to as "smoker's face".
Easy decisions such as choosing a hairstyle that provides more protection from the sun or wearing more protective clothing in the summer may also reduce wrinkling.
Unfortunately, wrinkling can also be caused by factors that are beyond our control.
For example, heredity plays a large role in the amount of wrinkling you will experience as you grow older.
A very small percentage of people are lucky enough to be born with great skin that with little or no wrinkles.
Certain hair and skin combinations are also prone to increased wrinkling.
Light skinned people, especially those with blue eyes, are more prone to sunburns and sun damage.
As a result, they normally have skin that is more wrinkled than darker skinned individuals.
As you can see, wrinkles are a normal part of life.
Even if you are blessed with great genes, you can make certain decisions such as quitting smoking or limiting your exposure to the sun.
All of these changes will reduce the amount of wrinkling you will experience in your later years.
However, if your family history includes a long line of "wrinklers", don't focus on the negative.
Instead, consider these lines as a sign of the wisdom that often comes with age.

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