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Exercise For Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Sciatica

Karla, I can't get enough of you! No matter what I love you! You continually amaze me By everything you say and do Even when I err and act the fool You graciously embrace me And see me through When I blunder And deserve rebuke and thunder You exude the utmost tenderness Even when I make a mess You cause my soul to rest You lift me above all stress Reminding me continually The extent to which I'm blessed Blessed to have you in my life Blessed not to have to endure strife Blessed because you are gracious Blessed because you are tenacious Blessed because you are a lover of truth And abhor that which is fallacious Continually I come closer At the mention of your name Because you're sincere Not given to play mind games Not one to withhold your thoughts You tell how you feel You speak forth what is real By which you soothe and heal.
Your words carry wisdom and weight I think you are extraordinarily great! Thank heavens for God above For giving me such immeasurable love In a woman who listens and laughs Fully utilizes the gifts she has Happily helps me when in need Moving with productive speed Can relax with the greatest content Get lost in me and not relent If misunderstanding or conflict does arise She never withdraws nor does despise On the contrary she lifts up her eyes Obtains counsel from heaven Pressing in for divine revelation Providing to me new inspiration As we draw near to talk and relate From me she never does deviate Talking straight Challenging and encouraging Reviving and reconciling Renewing and revitalizing Our depth of love Cherishing all we dream of Believing always for the best Forgetting the past Having endless fun with a blast Creating a love that forever will last So come whatever may This to you Karla I truly say I am committed for life I know for me you are right I trust your womanly sight By which you see and hear Utilize your intuition my dear Confront, correct and challenge me! It only continually draws me Nearer to thee my tranquility.
Therefore I'm continually coming closer Of you I can't get enough I'm captivated and wholeheartedly hooked Engulfed and enraptured entirely in you Knowing together There is nothing we cannot do! Get ready baby! I'm continually coming closer to you!

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