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GSM Mobiles for New Generation

The mobile industry in India is divided between the two technologies GSM and CDMA.
GSM is the most popular form of telephone communication, and is nowadays available at almost all locations in the world.
The users of GSM mobiles make use of their phones for mobile communications.
The popularity of GSM mobiles is evident from the number of users.
CDMA, a digital technology in which the transmitted signal frequency varies deliberately.
This technology allows the signal to vary that gives an output of more bandwidth than would be allowed if the frequency was not varied.
GSM mobile phones use SIM card technology.
Call quality is comparatively secure and good in this mobiles.
More and more value-added services like GPRS, EDGE etc are getting added to it.
Power consumption is less in GSM mobile handsets as compared to CDMA mobile handsets.
GSM mobiles are activated differently.
Each account is associated with a SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module.
These days many GSM network operators have roaming agreements with foreign operators.
This gives the users the facility to use their mobile phones while traveling abroad.
CDMA Mobile are not card-enabled.
The mobile phone used on the CDMA networks can only be used on those networks.
One of the advantages of CDMA mobiles is the cost effectiveness than Mobile.
Now the call quality is better than GSM.
CDMA mobiles are already available in great quantity in the market.
They provide good services and entertainment to their users.
The advanced cameras give people the facility to take good quality pictures and later store them in the enormous memory space.
Connectivity is also outstanding in CDMA mobile handsets.
One can make calls from almost any parts of the world with no difficulty.
This is the reason that CDMA mobile handsets are getting popular and are available at entry-level to high-end mobiles to attract users from each and every section and deliver quality to the users.
Now days, CDMA and normal mobile handsets provide equal facilities.
In some cases, CDMA operators are giving better facilities and services as compared to their counterpart.
Since service operators are delivering better services, so Mobile Companies are also coming out with better quality products to keep-up pace with the service-sector.
There are number of CDMA mobile handsets and GSM mobile handsets with 2 mega pixel camera, FM radio and Blue tooth Headset.
A number of popular brands offer wide range of GSM and CDMA mobile phones and handsets that include latest features like touch screen and high end cameras.

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