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Grow Your Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs

Named after the handsome Greek boy, Narcissus is a kind of white trumpeted flower with strong scents.
Although originally cultivated in Europe and Asian, it is currently planted all around the world.
As a member of the whole Narcissus family, Paperwhites can not compete in size with other family members like Daffodils and Jonquils, but its fragrance make it outstanding in all Narcissus members.
Most paperwhite narcissus have white flowers while some species have trumpet shaped flowers in yellow too.
Grow Paperwhites Indoors One of the most popular ways to grow a paperwhite narcissus is planting them indoors in winter times.
Before you plant your narcissus bulbs, you should prepare yourself a shallow container and put a layer of pebbles or other decorative that is at least 1″ deep on the bottom of the container.
Then you need to put bulbs root side down into the pebbles so that the bottom centimeter is surrounded.
At last, put some water in the container to reach the top of the pebble.
Note that the bulb should just contact the water surface, otherwise, too much water will cause it to rot very soon.
You should keep an eye on the water surface and make sure the bulb can absorb water when it is growing.
After a few days, your Paperwhites will keep blooming all winter long! Grow Paperwhites Outdoors The best time to plant the Paperwhites is in the autumn.
You need to find a spot where there are enough sunshine.
Although the nutrition is stored in the bulbs for next year's blooming, you still need to put some fertilizer to help to feed themselves in winter time.
In the next year, your Paperwhites will be in bloom.

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