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LS1 Exhaust Tips


    • An array of styles are available to choose from when deciding on an exhaust tip for the LS1, but since it was not intended as a performance car there are not a lot of companies that make tips specifically for the Saturn LS1. You're best bet is to find a generic tip that fits on your existing exhaust pipe. The most common is a single, chrome tip, but there are also dual tips for an even more aggressive look. You can also install a stainless steel tip, which is more expensive than chrome, or even a carbon fiber tip, though the latter may look too racy for a Saturn.

    Where to Get Them

    • Exhaust tips can be sourced from a variety of places. If you are shopping online try a large performance parts company like Auto Barn or Jegs (see "Resources"). eBay is another ideal source for exhaust tips. Make sure you get the right size for your application. The inner diameter of the tip needs to be larger than the outer diameter of your exhaust. If you prefer to shop in person, check out a local auto parts store such as Kragen. You can even find tips at large discount stores like Wal-Mart in its automotive section.

    Installation and Care

    • Exhaust tips can generally be installed in a few minutes with minimal tools. Exhaust tips are usually held onto the exhaust pipe with a series of bolts that go around the exhaust tip. Clean your exhaust tips regularly and polish them to keep them looking new for years to come.

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