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Avoid Buying Fake GHD Straighteners

GHDhair straighteners are one of the most well known and much loved brands in the UK.
They have set the standards when it comes to hair styling in the home.
This is because, GHD is a professional standard tool, which is used in hairdressing salon all around the world.
GHDhave been in existence for about ten years now.
In that time, they have developed from a small UK brand into a worldwide products with millions of loyal customers.
Unfortunately, their are a large number of fake GHD hair straighteners be sold on the Internet.
These are more often than not, produced and sold from the far east.
To the naked eye they look real enough.
However, upon closer inspection you will be able to see they are sub-standard and when in see inside it can be scary.
You see, these fake GHD hair straighteners are made using poor quality and cheap components.
In a number of instances, the fake GHD hair straighteners have been known to set on fire and on occasions burn the hair and scalp of the person using them.
Many people shop on line for GHD hair straighteners and the reasons are obvious.
They are often cheaper than in the salon and it also save the customer time and effort.
Just be careful, as there are a number of website selling these counterfeit hair stylers and charging big money for the.
Not only are these counterfeit goods illegal and dangerous, they are also not worth the money.
They are basically £5 hair straighteners made up to look like GHDs and then sold for £70+ to unsuspecting shoppers.
Take a look below at a few tips which will help you spot a fake GHD website.
* The most obvious tip is the price.
GHD hair straighteners very rarely sell for less than £90 for the medium set.
This is because they are a premium product and it would mean the retailer was making little or no money and maybe a loss.
No genuine GHD stockists would lose money on a product they are selling.
So, if look too cheap, then it is.
* Fake GHD websites often sell out of date models, such as the 2008 and 2009 pink GHD straighteners.
These are no longer made by GHD.
* Fake GHD websites will often try and make themselves looks like the official website.
Genuine retailers are not allowed to copy the GHD images and website and have their own brand image to promote.
It is only the fake site which will try to trick people into thinking they are official.
* Take note of the website name.
Fake site will often use the name GHD in it and will often look very spammy - like GHD4-hair.
me, GHD-hairshopuk.
com, cheap-GHDmk4inline.
net and so on.
* If you are unsure, use an approved GHD comparison website to find a list of genuine GHD retailers or visiting the official GHD website and use there website checker tool.
Be very careful when you shop on line.
Not only are these website selling fake products, in some cases they are not even going to send the fakes out to you.
It has been reported in the UK press that on a number of occasion shoppers card details have been cloned and spending has taken place without permission.

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