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How to Run TV Cable Wire Inside Walls

    • 1). Cut off the circuit breaker that powers the room where the cable will be installed. This is a safety precaution while working with metal fish tape behind a wall and the reason a cordless drill is needed.

    • 2). Mark two spots on the wall with a pencil, one where the cable will be inserted and one where it will emerge for connecting to the equipment.

    • 3). Drill a hole at each pencil mark about 1/2 inch in diameter.

    • 4). Insert the looped end of the fish tape through one of the holes and unspool the tape off the reel, guiding it toward the second hole.

    • 5). Push or pull the looped end of the fish tape out of the second hole and insert one end of the cable through the loop. Secure the cable by tying it in an overhand knot.

    • 6). Pull the fish tape gently back toward the first hole, carrying the cable along with the end of the fish tape. Remove the end of the fish tape from the first hole and untie the cable.

    • 7). Secure the end of the TV cable to the outside of the wall with a length of masking tape to prevent the cable from slipping inside the hole, which would require starting over.

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