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Drafting Chair Backpiece Essentials

As far as drafting chairs are concerned there are hundreds of features that one can choose from and of course these hundreds of features are enough to confuse both the technically suave and experienced designers alike. Though, the good thing is as soon as you have a better idea of all the important features you're going to have a much easier time figuring out what drafting chair to buy.

If you ask any drafting chair expert or regular user alike what the most integral part of a drafting chair is you'll quite commonly hear the same answer - the backpiece.

Your drafting chair's backpiece is truly the most comfort based element of your drafting chair. You'd probably not believe it but it's also one of the most safety based factors as well. Safety based? Well your drafting chair's backpiece is the sole support provider to your back, which keeps your back ache free.

You might think there's not much complication to something as seemingly simple as a backpiece, although the backpiece is truly the most technical of elements of your drafting chair. The backpiece of a good drafting chair is composed of several various elements that make it truly what it is. Let's take a look at some of the factors of great backpieces.

Padding is a comfort and contour based factor. The padding of your drafting chair should indeed be good all round. The balance of the padding should be in all the right areas and likewise it should be in the right proportions. Poor padding and wrongly placed padding can be the source of several aches and pains later on. Make sure the padding on your drafting chair is extremely well formed and not too soft either. Do a touch test and observe if your finger can push the padding back with a little nudge, which is just about optimal.

The structure and design of your backpiece is the key to the ergonomics of your backpiece. If the ergonomics of your backpiece are great you'll be able to sink into your backpiece and feel relieved instantaneously. The design of your backpiece should be slightly curved, outwards towards the bottom and inwards throughout the top this will allow your spine to fit in comfortably.

The recline of your backpiece is a blessing. Not every backpiece comes with reclining built in. Reclining will allow you to go back and take a minute to rest while creating a virtual hammock in your mind.

You're backpiece's flexibility is a feature that can be rather complex. Some backpieces are movable and adjustable at many levels and other at just a few. What's important is that you look for the basic flexibility to work with you while you're busy designing.

There are quite a few factors that make up a great backpiece as the ones listed above. Taking all of them into consideration and buying your next drafting chair would be a great idea!

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