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We all on the constant look out for good deals and any type of money savings that we can find.
This has lead many people to endless search the Internet for free tattoo designs.
On the surface one might think why not?It sounds like a good idea.
Why should a person have to pay 50 to 100 dollars for a tattoo design when they could simply get one for free.
In fact a person could even just draw the tattoo themselves and then have the work tattooed onto their body.
However, if you think critically about this is it really worth it?Sure it is free so the worth seems great but are you really getting something that you want on your body permanently.
Just think about having to explain your tattoo to friends.
It might be something smooth like, "Check out this cool new tattoo that I got it was from a free design I found.
"Most what most people will hear though is, "Hey check this out I was to cheap to pay an artists to get a good tattoo done so I ended up with this free design.
"Is that really the message that you want to be sending out to thousand of people for the rest of your life.
Every time your tattoo is showing you are sure to get comments about it and will have to think up some creative line.
The saying has always been that you get what you pay for and based on the quality of free tattoo designs on the Internet right now that sure seems to be the case.
Sure you can find a ton of sites and possible with hours and hours of searching you might find a decent tattoo or so.
For the most part though the free tattoo designs that are available on the Internet are so crappy you would be much better to wait and have a professional do the work for you.
The comments of course will come back from many people that tattoos are very expensive and they can not afford to pay for a professional artist to do the custom design for them.
Then the other comment that is often heard by people contemplating using a free tattoo design is that the tattoo artist in their local store don't do custom designs or just don't want to do this one.
While these factors can all be true if there is no other way to get a quality tattoo design done then it is probably better to wait.
So what is wrong with them?Well, besides from everything the free tattoo designs are often not done by professional artists that know about tattoo designing.
Instead someone trying to make a buck often does them.
Of course it might not be apparent what the person is trying to sell right away but it will be clear that the design is not professional.
Often the line quality is very poor and sketchy and sometimes the design was even just done on the home computer.
Typically these designs are not the quality you would want to use for something that you will wear for the rest of your life.
So is there any worth in searching for free tattoo designs?If there is any worth in this search it might come from gathering ideas.
You can do the searching and find a design that might have some of the ideas you are looking for.
Use this as a basis for starting the tattoo but then take it to a professional tattoo artist and discuss the ideas with them before proceeding.

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