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Top 7 Reasons You Need to Outsource

If you're a solo entrepreneur or work at home mum trying to manage every part of your business on your own then you are selling yourself short.
One person cannot possibly grow their business without getting additional help and successful entrepreneurs delegate and outsource many tasks so they can free up their time to work on revenue raising activities and growing their business.
Here are the top 7 reasons you need to outsource: 1.
Frees Up Your Time
Lets face it, the less time you spend on administrative tasks in your business gives you extra time to spend doing what it is you do best, and that is usually not paperwork! Not only does it give you more time in your business it also frees up your time to spend with your family or to just have some 'me' time.
Makes You Money
By letting go of some of the repetitive and time consuming administrative parts of your business allows you to work ON your business instead of IN it, therefore making you more money.
Instead of spending that time vaccuming the floor or spending half the day trying to figure out PowerPoint for that presentation you can be spending time promoting your business or seeing that new big client.
Eliminates Overwhelm
Just think how much more relaxed and in control you would feel by putting your toddler into daycare for one or two days a week, or not having to enter 100 business cards with one finger typing into your database after the networking event you just attended.
It's Easy
There are professionals, companies, individuals and centres only a phone call or email away waiting to hear from you.
Speak to others who outsource and get word of mouth referrals.
New Systems Don't Need to be Learnt
You don't need to learn the intricacies of Twitter or Facebook to have an online presence, you don't need to learn MYOB to manage your accounts or keep up to date with constantly changing legislation.
Saves You Money
There are very low overheads with outsourcing - no office space is required, no training staff, no buying equipment.
Usually you will pay a flat amount or hourly rate.
Professional Advice
Your bookkeeper or Accountant will know what the latest rulings are for example claiming motor vehicle expenses or what records to keep for tax time.
The last thing you want to discover when doing your tax return is that you didn't keep appropriate documentation or have entered your accounts incorrectly in MYOB all year long.
Enlist the professionals to assist in your business so you don't waste time or get any rude shocks later! A professional routinely performs these tasks for other clients and customers so they know what they are doing and you don't need to spend time training them.
There are very few parts of running a business that cannot be easily outsourced.
Bookkeeper for your accounts, MYOB, Invoicing, End of Year preparations for the Accountant etc.
Virtual Assistant to work as your own personal assistant with secretarial and admin tasks, Facebook and Twitter profiles, PowerPoint presentations, online newsletters, transcription/typing, spreadsheeting etc.
Day Care / Babysitter to free up some valuable time to work alone without interruptions from a busy toddler.
Not to mention how much they would get out of a day or two a week in a new learning environment.
Cleaners are invaluable for freeing up your time, at a fraction of the cost of your hourly rate and it's often tax deductable if you have a work from home office! (check with your Accountant) Graphic Designers to design your flyers, business cards, branding, logos and office stationery.
Website Designers to create your website, professionally.
So what can you outsource to free up your time and save you money? by Charmaine Simpson Copyright © 2010 Virtually Possible

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