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Hollywood Celebs Who Have Worked In McDonald’S

Did you know that Antarctica is the only continent without a McDonald's store? Indeed, McDonald's is considered the world's largest fast food chain. They serve about 46 million people every day and there are over 30,000 locations around the world.

It is said that around 37 million Americans have McDonald's on their CV - including famous Hollywood celebrities. Here's a list of celebs who have worked for McDonald's in the past. They might have even asked you €Do you want fries with that?' once.

#1 Rachel McAdams

The famous movie star revealed that she worked at McDonalds for three years. She even joked that she wasn't a great employee for she broke the orange juice machine. Nevertheless, who would've thought that the 33-year old stunner went from flipping burgers to being one of the greatest actresses of her time? She described McDonalds as a €great place to work'.

#2 Sharon Stone

After winning the title of Miss Crawford County, Sharon Stone was told to move to New York City to become a fashion model. She started her acting career by being an extra in Woody Allen's film. But before landing a contract in modeling, Sharon Stone worked as a McDonald's cashier when she was just 19 years old.

#3 Shania Twain

Shania Twain grew up as a normal teenager in Canada. The country pop singer stated that she €enjoyed working at McDonalds'. She worked the counter at a local McDonald's way back in high school. She also told Time Magazine that she €learned tons about the meaning of service there (McDonald's)'. After some time, €stardom' came knocking.

#4 Seal

Before the billboard hits and singles, the multi-awarded singer-songwriter revealed that he worked at McDonald's when he was 17. Seal said his job at McDonald's was cleaning the lobby. But he only worked for two weeks. So remember, just because you're stuck cleaning the lobby one day it doesn't mean it's not going to get you four Grammys.

#5 Jay Leno

Jay Leno was a famous standup comedian before he became a TV show host. During his interview in Oprah, he revealed that McDonald's paved the way to fame and making his dreams come true. In 1966, Jay worked at a local McDonald's in Massachusetts, a decent state for home liens. After winning the McDonald's talent show, he decided to pursue comedy and the rest is history.

#6 Pink

Would you believe the pop-rock princess experienced making money the hard way? Pink is well-known for her catchy songs and tunes that won her many awards. But before the glitz and glam, she revealed in an interview that she once flipped burgers at McDonald's. However, her other duties include cleaning the toilets and mopping floors.

#7 James Franco

Believe it or not, James Franco dropped out of UCLA and worked at McDonald's. Aside from being a talented actor, James is also a director, screenwriter and producer. He said in one interview that he had so much fun working at McDonald's. In fact, he practiced his foreign accents on drive-through customers. He also ditched his vegetarian diet to try the Big Mac.

#8 Keenan Ivory Wayans

Before making us laugh as he shared his jokes on screen, Keenan worked 70 hours a week at McDonald's. He said that working with the company helped him with his studies. He worked as a manager at a local McDonald's in New York, a famous state for tax deed auctions. He added that he took pride working at McDonald's because it helped his family's finances.

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