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How to Do the Table Decorations for a Crab Feed

    • 1). Cover the table with a paper tablecloth, and tape the edges of the tablecloth under the table to hold it in place.

    • 2). Tape a fishing net around the edges of the table for a decorative accent that will not take up space.

    • 3). Outline the crab-shaped stencils with a red marker on the paper tablecloth and color in the shapes.

    • 4). Place three cocktail glasses at the center of the table as a centerpiece.

    • 5). Fill each of the glasses with plastic crab toys. Hang a crab toy from the rim of one of the cocktail glasses, if the shape of the toy permits it.

    • 6). Cover the base of the cocktail glasses with dried seaweed to add to the coastal theme.

    • 7). Set rolls of paper towels instead of single napkins on top of the table for guests to use as they enjoy their crab.

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