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Cause, Syamptoms and Treatment for Breast cancer

The moment a woman comes to know that that she is inflicted with the invasion of breast cancer she feels like thinking that her sojourn in this beautiful world is going to be for a limited days, fear and agony make her so frustrated that she loses interest in life and calmly waits for the final hours when the toll of the final bell will declare her end. But now at this very moment there are so many women in different corners of the globe who are striving hard to come back to the main stream of life defeating the deadly ailment. Continuous research is going on if any remedy can be found out. Endurance and mastery of the doctors have been in some cases successful still it is the most dreaded disease among the women.

Breast cancers are of two types- Ductal and lobular. The Ductal cancer is the widely noticed cancer and is found in the ducts that carry breast milk to the nipple. Lobular cancer is formed in lobules where milk is formed. In many cases breast cancer is found in other part of the breast too. Breast cancer may be of invasive and non invasive type,' in situ'. In the former type the cancer spreads from the lobule to different tissues. Non invasive means it remains quiet and causes no harm to the other tissues. If Ductal cancer remains untreated it may damage other tissues. Lobular cancer of the breast is regarded the most fatal one that always poses risk to the patient.

The primary causes of Breast Cancer

The moment one woman starts her journey towards maturity the probability of her getting invaded with cancer becomes obvious. Actually most of the women are inflicted with cancer when they reach 50 or more.

The other factor of breast cancer is obviously genetic. If any close relative of a woman has the history of being affected with breast cancer the possibility of being invaded becomes acute. Again there is genetic factor related behind breast cancer. Women who experiences menstruation before 12 may have chance to be affected with breast cancer.

Women who take excessive alchohol may be a victim of breast cancer. If a woman gets pregnant after 30 she is prone to be affected with cancer. Women receiving hormonal replacement therapy may have the chance to be affected too. If a woman had to undergo radiation therapy for the cancer on the chest in her childhood she may even fall victim.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

With the advancement of the cancer the symptoms change rapidly. Generally lump in the breast is found. The lump changes colour. Fluids or blood oozes from the nipples. There may be pain in the breast and rapid weight loss.


MRI of breast is done. Breast biopsy is made to assess. CT scan is needed to notice the spread of the cancer. Mammography helps to identify the cancer.PET CT scan is also prescribed to assess the outcome.

Treatment for Breast Cancer

Treatment is basically multi-modal. The use of particular hormone is assessed in the beginning to start hormone treatment. There is the process to go through chemotherapy, radiation therapy or mastectomy to remove the affected part. Another method is often introduced to inhibit certain deadly hormones that play behind the initiation of breast cancer too.

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