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Super Sexuality - Bigger Better Orgasms - Seven Tips for Spectacular Sex and Outrageous Orgasms

Bounteous Breath
Breath is basic.
You don't have to remember any complicated esoteric formulas or worry if you're doing it wrong.
You certainly won't forget to do it at all.
Breath happens.
And, if you want your orgasms to expand, all you need to do is enhance whatever your breath is already doing.
Just do a little more.
Breathe a little faster, draw it in a little deeper, let it out a bit longer, or open your chest and belly more.
Enhance your breathing and you'll augment your arousal and your climax will be bigger and better.
Celebration of Sounds
Sound inhibition is the enemy of freeing your orgasm, so to escalate your experience, open your mouth and let the sounds out.
You don't have to raise the roof or frighten the horses, just don't be silent.
Freeing your sound is an important key to experiencing expanded sexuality.
Start small by making your breath audible.
Play with making soft, sexy sounds as you proceed through your arousal journey.
Expand your sound repertoire as you become more comfortable with your sound ability.
Moan, coo, sigh and whimper and you'll enhance your experience (and your partners', too!) Allow yourself to have fun releasing your soundtrack of pleasure.
Use sound (and breath, of course) when you start coming and just don't stop.
Let sound roll out of your open mouth as the orgasmic wave moves through you.
When you're climaxing, keep your sounds going and your orgasm will keep on going, too! 3.
Shake Your Booty
Rocking your hips is the basic mammal mating motion.
Utilize that ancient pathway and pump your pelvis! Imagine your spine is a snake and undulate away.
Even a small pelvic tilting motion will activate a basic sex reflex, so rock and roll your booty to enhance your turn-on and increase your climax.
Don't just lie there, vibrate, shimmy, quiver and quake.
Rock it and roll it and shake it all around.
Let your thrusting animal out and you'll propel your orgasm sky-high.
Pump it up, baby! 4.
Flex Your Floor
Inside the bottom of your body lies a hammock of muscles that surround your genitalia and associated organs.
Every time you grasp and release these muscles, you're squeezing, rubbing and fondling your sexy bits.
Essentially, you're playing with yourself without using your hands, which is convenient because during sex your hands are often busy elsewhere.
The pelvic floor muscles also act as a trampoline for sexual energy that ricochets it all around your body, spreading your arousal and magnifying its intensity.
There is no one right way to play with your pelvic floor muscles, so experiment with lots of different actions.
Squeeze, pull up, cinch together, flutter, vibrate, push, hold and release them as you see fit.
Just get them involved and you'll heighten your excitement, experience easier arousal, and extend your orgasm.
Say Yes!
These first four tips develop skills that primarily utilize the toolkit of your body to enhance your sexuality.
This tip uses your mind skills, since that really is your primary sexual organ.
Give yourself permission to feel more, do more, explore and go further, deeper and wilder then you ever have.
Free your mind and the rest will cum along.
When playing with your new skills, resistance, fear, anxiety along with concerns about impropriety will likely arise.
Fend them off by repeatedly giving yourself permission to feel all the pleasure you're capable of, and to be a wildly free sexual being.
Give yourself permission, over and over, to release, to let go of inhibitions, to push yourself into new territory.
Say "Yes" to pleasure, "Yes" to getting wilder, "YES" to going further then you thought you could.
When you start to come, don't let limiting beliefs stop you.
Say "Yes" to allowing yourself to keep going -- and you will.
Solo Personal Practice
You learn through repetition.
Like driving a car or playing a musical instrument, you need to practice to get good at any learned skills, including (and perhaps especially) at sex.
To experience super sexuality you need to practice until the learning becomes embedded in your body-mind and your responses become automatic.
Practice makes access as you lay down a neural groove, a pattern that forms an embodied trail.
The more you traverse that path, the easier it gets.
And, when you use your breath, sound and movement skills repeatedly, they become natural and effortless.
As your abilities become habitual, you become increasingly orgasmically proficient.
As with music making, you need to be proficient with your own equipment before you can play beautiful duets.
Solo practice will give you the foundational skills you need to make sex with a partner a gloriously hot collaboration.
I encourage you to play your own instrument and become fluent in the language of your sexual self.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't also play and practice with partners, just that you must also cultivate your own abilities, alone, with yourself.
So practice, lots and lots! It may not get you to Carnegie Hall, but it will get you where you want to go.
Play & Experiment
These tips are based on things that work well for most people, most of the time.
And, you are utterly unique.
Remember -- there is no one right way to have fabulous sex or become mega-orgasmic.
There are many paths to expanded sexuality.
Don't get stuck thinking about whether you're doing it right or wrong.
Instead, notice what works and what doesn't.
Take these ideas into the laboratory of your life and play with them.
Do your own experiments and pay attention to what transpires.
Try variations on each theme and notice where they take you.
Explore and see what arises (or doesn't).
Be your own scientist and observe what happens when you do it one way or another.
Discover what works for you and then see if you can expand upon that.
Try everything once or better yet, several times and attend to the results.
Combine skills and notice if they enhance each other.
Be creative and remember to play! Since sex is something that's both inherent and learned, you may as well grab hold of yourself and grab this opportunity to develop old skills and learn new ones.
Use these tips to explore the hardware of your biological template and learn how to fully use your awesome capacity to re-program the sexy software of your self.
The immediate reward will be evident in your increased pleasure ability.
But bigger, better orgasms aren't the only benefit of becoming a virtuoso of your own sexuality.
Orgasmic tsunamis will put a satisfied spring in your step and a radiant smile on your face.
When you can easily get aroused by a wide variety of yummy stimuli and have orgasms that last for many minutes at a time, it's hard to be bummed out.
The world really does look better when you're looking through orgasm-colored glasses.
Go ahead, start now.
Take matters into your very own hot little hands and remember -- practice, practice, practice! Outrageous orgasms are a good place to start your expanded sexuality journey.
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