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Expert Approach Toward Effective Carpet Drying

Depending on how the damage occurred you will be faced with a dilemma of how to save your carpet with the minimum of fuss and upheaval. The good news is that ,in most cases, a carpet, even one that has been totally saturated with water, can not only be saved but brought back to look like as good as new. However you need to act fast.

If you let the wet carpet dry on its own, this could take weeks, depending on the damage that has been done to the carpet. In the beginning, once you have discovered that you have wet carpet, you should make sure you turn on the air conditioner, if you have one, and turn it on at the coldest temperature possible. However you should bear in mind that a carpet that has been flooded with water will weigh four or five times more than it did its original state, and you will need a lot of help to get it outside and into the sun's rays.

In normal circumstances, the wet carpet pad will be dried if you allow it to be exposed to good drying conditions. If the wet carpet pad becomes stained or discolored then it will not make a big difference because this is the pad that goes under your carpet. If you have found your wet carpet pad has a mildew odor that is coming out of the wet carpet pad, then you should make sure you have the mildew killed. If you are not able to kill the mildew odor from your wet carpet pad, then you will need to purchase a new pad.

If you are looking for ways to get water out of the wet carpet pad, then you can start by blowing air between the pad and the carpet. You can blow air between the wet carpet and the wet bad simply by taking a corner of the carpet up and using a fan to blow air under the carper. There are other methods that can be applied. When it comes to the methods that can be applied to drying your wet carpet, that choice is up to you. In the end, if you find you would much more prefer to leave it in someone else's hands, then you should start by calling the carpet cleaners that are located in your area.

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