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What is Your Tag-Line

Volvo is known for safety.  Walmart is known for discount prices.  Toyota and Honda have been known for reliability.  Nike is known for athletics.  All of these companies and many more all have tag-lines.   They are known for the reputation and the message they put out into the public.  They all have top quality brand strength.  But what about you?  How do you differentiate yourself from another when applying for a job?  Or meeting the love of your life?  Why should a person or a group of people pay attention to who you are and what you do over the next person?

We all have a personal brand, what we portray to our family, friends, co-workers, and strangers.  But if we are not in tune or understand what our tag-line is, or we don't know what we want to be known for we become lost in who we really are.  Creating a brand or a tag-line is something that cannot go against the core of who you are.  Creating a fake tag-line such as "the richest person in the world" if you are not Bill Gates will eventually implode.  Your tag-line is something that you want to be known for.  "A loving father/mother that will do anything for their kids. A hard loyal worker.  An adventurous person willing to take risks.  Whatever it is, your tag-line needs to be in line with your morals, personality, and your spirit.

What is your current tag-line?  What has been your tag-line?  What do you want your tag-line to be?  That is the question.  Find what you want ot be known for and live it.  A lot of us (me included) put on an auto pilot  and go through the motions of each day.  Hopefully this will turn your auto pilot off, allow you to look at your current situation, and discover your current tag-line against what you want it to be.  If they equal then you are living your tag-line.  If they are worlds apart, what will you do to bring them closer together?

I know that each person has unique gifts and strengths.  Something that cannot be replicated in another.  I also know that many of us don't tap into those strengths for various reasons.  Hopefully you will now.


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