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Wheelchair Carriers - 3 Ways to Get Your Wheelchair Easily and Safely From Place to Place

There are so many different types of wheelchair carriers.
Some attached to the back of the vehicle, others to the trunk, and even some fit on the roof of a car, van, or truck.
What kind of vehicle you use, and your own mobility, can direct you to the correct choice that's perfect for your needs.
  • Who Doesn't Love a Good Rack?
If you're able to move around on your feet with some confidence, you may not need a power lift for your wheelchair.
A rack that attaches to the back of your vehicle is an inexpensive option.
You put it on the back, and load the wheelchair or scooter yourself.
This requires strength to lift and support a wheelchair, so it's only a viable option for people with a certain amount of mobility.
  • Need a Lift?
But, if you don't have the strength to lift your wheelchair or you use a scooter, you may want to consider a power lift.
A power lift will do the work for you, lifting the chair into the trunk of your chair, or just supporting it by lifting off the ground on a rear-attached power chair lift.
If you can still get around, but lifting a chair is something you'll have trouble with, consider having a power lift attached to your vehicle for the added convenience.
  • Or Maybe It's the Tops?
If complete independence is something you desire, a chair topper for your vehicle will help you achieve that.
It's a power lift that attaches to the roof of your car, truck, or van, and will lift and lower the chair close to the driver door.
Since it is able to lift a folding wheelchair and set it down close to the driver down, even someone who is unable to use their legs will be able to maintain independence, and be able to get in and out of a car without assistance.

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