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The Apple iPad Vs E-book Readers - Like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Well, now that the dust has settled in San Francisco and Steve Jobs is done presenting his much talked about iPad to the world, there is a lot to consider and ponder.
The media hype surrounding the iPad unveiling was nothing short of spectacular, but in the end many people were left feeling disappointed and puzzled by the new Apple product that looks like an over-sized iPhone and that offers much the same features.
Was it Apple's intention to knock the eBook reader, more specifically, the Kindle off its axis and send it spinning into infinity? Partially perhaps.
Or was the Apple iPad created as an attempt at pioneering a whole new category of electronics? Very likely, yes, considering how the iPhone spurned an entire revolution in what we now call the smartphone category.
The iPhone is afterall, the top selling mobile phone of all time.
The question that is lurking out there (and being discussed with passion right now) is whether or not the Apple iPad be the 'Kindle killer'? Pause and consider for a moment, if you will, the fact that there are dozens of new, innovative digital readers poised to enter the marketplace in the very near future.
Asus, for example who really shook things up by introducing us to its inexpensive line of very capable netbooks or mini laptops as they are called, is soon to release a lineup of electronic readers that are going to cost considerably less than the Kindle or even the top-selling Sony Readers.
The new Asus ereaders are packed with features that may very well put the Kindle to shame.
So, back to the question of whether the Apple iPad is the 'Kindle killer', it is doubtful.
Kindle should be watching its back right now and not for the iPad but for the new e-reader devices that are on the way.
Sure, the iPad is really something.
The touchscreen looks amazing and gaming on the device should be a blast as should surfing the web.
But, there are a whole lot of people out there who do not want a device that can perform a multitude of functions.
Many serious readers out there simply do not wish to be distracted by having a web browser on their eBook reading device for example.
Rather, they want the convenience of an e-book reader that allows them to store an entire library of books and not much more.
This year is sure to bring Amazon's Kindle a whole heap of trouble in the competition department and not necessarily from the iPad.
Once a few of great new ereaders finally enter the marketplace and it is discovered that they are just as good looking and capable as the Kindle and Sony, things will surely change.
Consumers will be offered outstanding devices at much lower prices than what is available today.

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