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My 2002 GMC 2500HD Starter Won't Stop

    • 1). Remove the positive battery wire to stop the starter, if you haven't already done this. Raise the vehicle with the floor jack and place the jack stands under the frame and lower the vehicle on the jack stands.

    • 2). Touch the positive battery wire to its terminal momentarily to see if the starter engages. If it does, take the terminal back off the battery. Slide under the vehicle and pull the small diameter wire -- the ignition switch wire -- off the starter solenoid.

    • 3). Touch the positive battery terminal to the battery positive post momentarily and see if it engages. If it does engage, the starter solenoid is malfunctioning -- replace the starter. If it does not engage, slide back under the truck and re-attach the small diameter wire.

    • 4). Touch the positive terminal again for a second to see whether the starter engages. If the starter engages only when the small wire is attached, the starter relay is bad and needs to be replaced.

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