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Windows XP Slow? - How to Get Rid of Problems That Are Slowing Down Your Computer Fast

Are you having problem with your PC where windows XP is slow, don't worry you are not alone.
Most people are suffering with the same issue, it usually starts when your monitor freezes and cursor stops blinking and then suddenly your PC starts working again.
Even simply opening documents makes your computer freeze.
You can fix and stop these problems and boost your computer speed quickly.
Check these easy steps on how to make it possible.
#1: You are not aware that your computer slows down when you install programs, one after another.
Even if you think that it will only take a small bit of disk space, still it takes a few programs on your PC to end up using most of the memory.
Deleting or removing any unused program can make a big difference to your computer speed.
#2: Some programs are poorly written or use an excessive amount of memory.
You can easily spot these in two ways.
o You will notice that every time you use one particular program your PC slows right down and even stays that way after you close it and it only speeds up after you restart the PC.
If this happens you either need an update or need to remove the program.
o If the program you are using slows down the PC or makes it freeze, open task manager, go to the processes tab and look at how much memory the program is using.
If it is very high compared to what other programs are close the program and see if it disappears from processes.
If it does not there is a problem with the program.
#3: Run a free system registry scan.
This will scan the windows registry for errors.
These errors are caused by entries for program that are no longer in the computer and which windows looks for, devices or hardware that is no longer connected and for registry errors and corruption which can, if they are bad enough, prevent windows working at all.
The registry has a limit on its size and the larger it gets the slower your PC or laptop will become.
Running a free registry scan will detect all these errors that causes windows XP to slow, crash and report errors.
You can fix them in minutes and speed up your computer instantly.

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