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Uses for Napkin Rings

    • Napkin rings are intended to be used to hold cloth napkins in a roll or decorative fold at a set dinner table. Many couples get at least one set of napkin rings as a wedding gift. However, if you aren't the type to throw many dinner parties or formally set your dinner table every night then you may find yourself with several sets of napkin rings gathering dust in a drawer somewhere in your kitchen. Use those napkin rings for several alternative functions around the house.

    Organize Electrical Cords

    • Organize the electrical cords that are usually in tangled knots around your house using the napkin rings that would otherwise be collecting dust. Slide the cords from computer equipment, your entertainment center or any other area of your home that contains several cords in one tight location, through the napkin ring before plugging all the electronics back in. For a bunch of longer cords, use a few napkin rings to keep the bunch held together and organized.

    Christmas Ornaments

    • Use napkins rings that are more decorative in nature, especially those with a Christmas theme, as Christmas ornaments. Thread a short length of ribbon through the center of the napkin ring and tie it in a loop to hang the ring on the tree. Dress up plain inexpensive napkin rings with a little glitter, rhinestones or small jingle bells to turn these plain napkin rings into beautiful tree decorations for the holidays.

    Bouquet Decoration

    • Dress up a bouquet of flowers with a napkin ring. Slide the stems of the flowers through the napkin ring and bring the ring up so it is a little way down from the top of the bouquet. Now the bouquet can be placed in a vase or just laid out on the table to be used as a centerpiece.

    Curtain Holders

    • Use napkin rings to gather a curtain made of a thinner fabric in the center of a window. Gather up all the fabric at the bottom of the curtain and thread the bunch through the center of the napkin ring. Slide the napkin ring up the curtain until it is in the middle of the height of the curtain. For a window with more than one panel of curtain use one napkin ring per panel.

    Space Saving Hangers

    • Use napkin rings to turn a group of plain hangers into one space-saving hanger to help organize your closet. Slip a napkin over the hook part of a hanger. Now, hook another hanger onto the napkin ring so the second hanger hangs from the second. Create a chain of hangers this way. Link three to four hangers this way to free up extra space in your closet.

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