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Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Showers are a great tradition; brides get to celebrate their engagement with their closest friends and family before the chaos of wedding day festivities sets in. While bridal showers can be a fun gathering, the traditional bridal shower ideas can get a bit stale. Here are a few ways to spice up your bridal shower and make sure your guests have a blast:

Gourmet Tasting - Ditch the traditional finger foods and veggie trays, and opt for a gourmet party. Ask guests to bring a gourmet wine, chocolate, cheese or pastry instead of a gift, and host your very own tasting. You can suggest items like chocolate truffles, caviar, foie gras, or brie pastries, and pair them with a gourmet port, a flavored cognac or a fancy champagne. Use your imagination, you can even set a theme and ask guests to dress accordingly.

Co-Ed Shower - Some couples will forgo the engagement party to save guests time and money. One easy way to make up for it is to host a co-ed bridal shower, which includes the groom and other male guests. You can have separate rooms for entertaining or different activities for men and women, or just mix and mingle throughout the day. Co-ed showers are great for grooms, because they have a chance to visit with friends and family they may not see often, and they can be included in the gift registry as well.

Cooking Lessons - Many brides may have anxiety about their new life as a married woman; she may be expected to cook or clean, or take on new responsibilities she isnâEUR(TM)t prepared for. One great idea for your bridal shower is to hire a professional chef to give cooking lessons to you and your guests. You may want to spread out into the dining room, or take turns taking lessons, but the best part of a cooking party is that you get to taste your own recipes! You can even set a cooking theme and give wedding shower favors of cheese graters, measuring cups and cookie cutters.

Wedding Prep Shower - Often times, friends and family love to lend a helping hand for your big day, they just donâEUR(TM)t know how to, or they canâEUR(TM)t set aside the time. Holding a wedding prep shower can be fun, because you can invite your guests to get in on your big day by helping make decorations, create the song list, and organize your table assignments. You may only ask for an hour of their time, or you might play a chick flick, prepare snacks and ask guests about their weddings and most special memories.

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