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About Acupuncture and Crohns Disease

Crohn's disease can be hard to diagnose because it mimics so many other conditions, and is often not the first thing your doctor might think of when you describe your symptoms.
People usually assume they have irritable bowel syndrome and try to deal with it on their own.
Once diagnosed with Crohn's disease however, things begin to make a lot of sense.
There are steps that your doctor can take to help you, but some sufferers turn to alternative methods for relief.
If you are interested in acupuncture and crohns relief, the first step is to find someone qualified to help you.
Many people develop Crohn's when they are in their teens, but it can come on later in life.
There is some evidence to suggest that this can run in families, and even some cases where a husband and wife both have it.
This might suggest that it can be environmental as well as genetic.
This condition is not usually fatal, but it can severely affect quality of life, and people will try many different methods to gain relief from their symptoms.
There are drugs a patient can try, as well as some surgical procedures that might be necessary.
Others turn to acupuncture.
In order to understand how acupuncture can help with Crohn's, you have to understand the basics behind this ancient practice.
Acupuncture works on the theory that the body is made up of meridians.
These are energy channels that run through the body.
When these meridians are blocked, problems within the body begin to flare up.
A therapist uses very thin needles, which are inserted into various pressure points throughout the body.
These points are located on specific meridians.
When the needles activate these points, the energy blockages can be cleared and the energy can run freely.
This is supposed to help the body to help itself.
Because Crohn's is a problem with the digestive tract, it can cause patients to lose weight, as they may not ingest the nutrition that they need.
Though it is commonly found in the intestines, there can be problems in almost any spot along the entire digestive system.
When acupuncture is done, practitioners focus in on the meridians of the body that relates to the digestive tract.
A chiropractor can also help in much the same way by stimulating these points with firm pressure rather than with a needle.
There are some who will say that acupuncture and Crohns relief go hand in hand, and others will say it does nothing for them.
If you would like to try this approach, you may find it works well for you, or you may find there is no difference in your symptoms.
It is important that you continue to see your medical doctor, and that you take your vitamins (if recommended) and you are honest with both your doctor and your acupuncturist about how you are feeling and what is working with your treatments.
Communication is always the key to receiving the best care with acupuncture and crohns.

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