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How to Decorate a Brown Room With Curtains

    • 1). Identify your color scheme. Brown is a warm hue and adapts particularly well to similar warm colors such as red, purple, orange and yellow. Lighter hues of brown work as a neutral tone to build a cool color scheme with colors such as blue, gray and black. Pick one or two colors that blend with the hue of your brown-themed furniture and accessories to use in your window treatments.

    • 2). Examine the use of patterns in your room. If you have an abundance of layered, contrasting patterns, curtains made from solid or minimal pattern will balance the business of a room. Plain rooms, with solid hues, will benefit from curtains with a bold floral, striped or geometric pattern.

    • 3). Look at the overall color in the room. Add another color to monotone or dyadic color schemes to increase the variety of hues in a room. Make a signature statement with your curtains by using a bold new hue in the fabric.

    • 4). Incorporate a textured fabric in your curtains to add tactile and three-dimensional interest in your room. Fabrics made of jersey knit, silk or a cotton blend puddle and drape well, whereas fabrics made from velvet, damask or suede have a luxurious and soft look and feel.

    • 5). Lighten a dark brown room with sheers made of lightweight, translucent material. Chiffon, tulle or linen can diffuse the harsh angles of a window while allowing natural light to brighten a dark room.

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