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Specifications of American Standard Toilets


    • Performance refers to the toilet's ability to flush waste without clogs or overflows. According to the company's website, a measurement called "Maximum Performance," or MaP, is calculated by an independent testing agency. American Standard's minimum MaP is 350g (.77 lbs). The highest possible MaP, says the site, is 1000g (2.2 lbs), which some of the company's high-performing toilets meet.

    Water efficiency

    • American Standard's toilets use from 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) to 1.6 gpf, the company's website reports. Some models include "dual flush" technology that uses either 1.6 gpf or 1.0 gpf, depending on user preference.


    • Color options for American Standard toilets include white, black, linen, silver and bone.

    Bowl shape

    • According to American Standard's website, the bowl shape specifications include round front (smaller and more economical), elongated (increased size and comfort), and compact elongated (a hybrid of the two.)


    • American Standard toilets come in three heights, measured from the floor to the rim: 14 inches, 16 to 17 inches, and 10 inches.

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