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On the Job Preliminary Threat Assessment

The FBI's Threat Assessment for work place suggests asking the following questions of individuals who are aware of a workforce offenders habits in order to determine the level of risk for violence from that individual. As a result of the answers to these questions the potential risk factor can be assessed and an intervention plan can be created.

· What has happened in the offender's life that may have prompted what is perceived as threatening? What comments has the offender made to family or coworkers?

· What does the offender think of their self in relationship to all others?

· Does the offender feel offended by someone else?

· Is the offender an individual who takes responsibility for their actions?

· How does the offender handle disappointment, loss or failures in their life?

· What is the interface of the offender with their co-workers?

· Does the offender feel the company is fair in their treatment of them?

· Are the offender experiencing difficulties with supervisors or management?

· Is the offender demonstrating concern with job responsibilities and practices?

· Has the offender been written up for unfavorable job performance or corrected by management?

· Are there personal traumas in the offender's life as a death or problems effecting family, health, romance, finances, debts, and bankruptcy?

· Does evidence point to offender's substance abuse, depression or mental illness?

· Is the offender demonstrating an interest in violence through movies, games, books, or magazines?

· Is the offender preoccupied with violence or showing interest in publicized violent events; or fascination with and/or recently acquired weapons?

· Has the offender stated to others that they have selected a particular target for their violence?

· Does the offender have an obsession with someone or are stalking and surveillance involved?

· Has the offender spoken of personal injury to themselves or others?

· Does the offender have a criminal record or demonstrated violence in the past?

· Has the offender expressed a plan or method of how they will enact violence?

· Does the plan sound reasonable and specific?

· Is the offender capable of carrying out their plan?

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