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How to Repair Drywall Inside Corners

    • 1). Lay out your drop cloth in the work area. Pull the sides of the drop cloth so that they ride up the side of each wall of the corner a couple of inches. Place your bucket of drywall compound on the corner of the drop cloth farthest from the wall.

    • 2). Open the bucket and scoop out some compound with your 6-inch putty knife. Fill your mud pan half full with compound. Replace the lid on your bucket to prevent drying and preserve the compound.

    • 3). Mix the compound thoroughly in the mud pan by scooping some of it up and wiping it off of the knife on the rim of the pan. Mix the mud to the consistency of toothpaste, removing any debris and chunks of hardened compound.

    • 4). Cut away any loose tape or chunks of drywall board that are protruding above the level of the wall. Sand away any rough spots using long, vertical strokes with a sanding screen. Wipe the corner with a clean, dry rag to remove any dust.

    • 5). Scoop half a blade of mud out of the pan with your 6-inch knife and smear it into the corner. Cover both sides of the corner with a 1/4-inch-thick layer of drywall compound.

    • 6). Place the tip of your butterfly knife into the corner above the repair spot. Drag it slowly across the repair, pressing evenly against both walls to fill in any gaps and press the compound into the damaged area.

    • 7). Allow the compound to dry for two hours and sand lightly with a sanding screen using long, vertical strokes. Wipe the dust from the wall with a clean, dry rag. Your corner is now ready for paint.

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