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How to Use Clever Covert Psychological Methods to Seduce Women

One of the biggest problems for guys when it comes to meeting women is that they simply don't have enough self confidence.
For example, a often convinces himself that she is completely out of his league and there is no point in him even trying.
Many guys make this grave mistake and as a result, they end up having to settle for something else.
However, there are ways which just about any guide can get just about any woman he wants by using some clever covert psychological methods.
Read on to discover what these methods are and achieve killer results fast...
Method #1: "Mystery Creator".
Pretty much all girls love anticipation and they love it when you have an aura of mystery around you.
Revealing too much can be a grave mistake to make sure you keep her confused to keep are interested.
Women rapidly lose interest in guys who are simply too easy to read.
She will constantly follow you if you give a reason to add to give the reason too, you need to keep her curious.
When you have are in this state, you are virtually guaranteed to succeed.
Method #2: "Retain Control".
Make sure that she doesn't take control of the situation.
Keeping the situation irrational is the key here and this is what women find highly thrilling.
This basically involves hacking into her mind in a way and really getting through to her on an emotional level.
Once you get to this stage, she will end up doing things that she wouldn't normally do so you are well on the road to success then! Method #3: "Hypnotic Seduction".
Finally, there is the astoundingly effective method of fractionation which is derived from a type of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) - it is possibly the most affective seduction method on the planet.
Used properly, it is said to be able to make women fall in love quickly - often in the span of 15 minutes or even less!

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