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Ten Steps to Making Money Online in 2010

If you are looking to make an impact on your personal income this year, here are suggested proven steps for making it happen: One: Align yourself with a company that you can get excited about.
Do your research.
Find one that shares your values.
Make sure the products or services offered are something that people would be willing to pay for consistently on a month to month basis.
Two: Align yourself with someone within the organization who has a proven track record.
If they have had success, you will learn so much more from them than from a local friend who is just starting out.
Make sure this person has your best interests in mind.
Conduct multiple conversations with this person and feel them out.
Make sure they will help you to get past the learning curve patiently and professionally.
Your success is their success, but a lot of mentors or sponsors take this for granted.
Three: Once you have joined the company and have completed your company training, follow the lead of your sponsor.
They will suggest you begin by promoting your business to friends and family.
That is okay for an initial push, and over a sixty to ninety day period may help you to generate some momentum.
Four: Within your first sixty days, implement an effective online marketing strategy.
This is where so many people drop the ball.
Regardless of the company that you have chosen, if your strategy is to only market to friends and family, you have a high percentage chance of failure.
An effective marketing strategy is crucial to your long term success.
Five: Be proactive.
If you run out of local leads, you are dead in the water.
Get your marketing program up and running as a compliment to your primary business long before you have exhausted all of your local leads.
Six: Educate yourself properly.
A credible online marketing program should provide you with an excellent platform for ongoing education.
Take advantage of it.
Spend no less than one hour per day developing your skills as a marketing person.
Seven: Position yourself as a business professional.
If you are in the right marketing program, you will quickly become an expert on at least one aspect of the business.
Over time, a credible program will allow you to confidently become an expert in all things related to online marketing.
The right program should allow you to position yourself as such.
Eight: Develop a streamlined approach to getting people into your business.
If your marketing program is of any value at all, the program will help you to create lead capture pages, websites, and blogs all designed to point people in the same single direction.
You want to have as many entry points as possible all pointing back to you.
Nine: Get your people actively involved in your marketing strategy.
If local marketing was a struggle for you, it will most likely be the same for them as well.
Plug them into your online marketing program as soon as possible.
If they are resistant, be patient with them, but over time help them to realize the value of an effective online marketing strategy and how it has helped you.
Ten: It is not about you.
If you come across as greedy or needy, you will fall flat on your face.
If you decide from day one that your main focus is in helping others to achieve success, you will be successful.
Remember the patient approach that your sponsor took with you when you started, and then do the same for them, only tenfold.
If you get your people on firm ground from day one, your retention rate will drastically improve and greatly increase your chance of success.

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