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5 Reasons Why Social Media Works

Social media is a major force in the online advertising space.
The reason it is so powerful is simple; that's where the people are.
In the last two years droves of online users have adopted social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter making them major pieces of real-estate for advertising.
Here are five reasons why social media works:
  1. People are Social by Nature - We are social beings and we enjoy the company of others when we don't feel intimidated or judged.
    Social network removes the visual queues that we typically rely on to establish whether or not we want to engage in a conversation with someone.
    This allows people connect to more people then they normally would, creating a bigger community.
  2. People Value The Opinion of Friends - Recent studies have shown that people are more likely to try or buy a product or service based on the recommendation of a friend.
  3. People Like what their Friends Like - Every once and a while something resonates with a community of friends and creates what is referred to as social buzz.
    With social buzz the community promotes your product for you.
  4. People are Popular - Some people are just popular.
    If you get a few of these folks to like your product or service, there is a god chance their followers will push you content into the view of more and more users.
  5. People Spend their Online Time, on Social Networks - Social networks are where the people are.
    There are more eye balls looking at social network sites then any other genre of sites on the entire web.
In summary, social media works because it is designed and revolves around people.
It is people that make your business successful not products, services or partners.
The landscape has shifted and you have to be involved and engaged with the masses and if the masses are spending most of their time on social networks, then that is where business is taking place.

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