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How to Insert a Button in Excel 2007

    • 1). Open Excel and check that the "Developer" tab is available on the ribbon. If it is not, click the Windows button, and then click the "Excel Options" button. In the "Popular" options, click the check box next to "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon." Click "OK."

    • 2). Click the "Developer" tab and click "Insert."

    • 3). Click the first icon in the upper left corner of "Form Controls" for inserting a form control button, or click the first icon under "ActiveX Controls" for an ActiveX button.

    • 4). Left-click on the portion of the Excel sheet where you want to create the button and drag to create a box.

    • 5). Assign a macro to the button in the "Assign Macro" window that pops up for the form button. You can create a new macro by clicking the "New" button or record one by clicking the "Record" button. "New" opens Visual Basic so you can enter your code. To record a macro, press the "Record" button and give the macro a name. Assign a shortcut key and description if desired and click "OK." Then perform the actions the macro should perform. When finished, click the "Stop Recording" button in the ribbon and the macro is saved. To add code to the ActiveX button, double-click the button and then add in your code. Press "F1" for help and press "Alt" + "Q" to save and return to Excel.

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