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How to Make Your Own Detachable Train for a Wedding Dress

    • 1). Try on your gown and measure yourself from the gown's natural waistline to the point at which the skirt meets the floor. This will comprise the inner length of the detachable train, as the train will attach at the lining's waist for additional support and structure.

    • 2). Add the desired length of the train to the measurement from Step 1. When determining the length, remember that court trains extend 2 feet past the gown's hem, while chapel trains extend 4 feet beyond the gown and cathedral trains go past the gown about 7 feet.

    • 3). Measure the width of your gown's skirt across the back of the dress, beginning at the right side seam and ending at the left. Record this measurement, as it will comprise the widest point of your detachable train.

    • 4). Superimpose the measurement from the skirt's width onto the width of your uncut fabric. If your fabric is not wide enough to accommodate the width of your gown's skirt, sew a panel of the same fabric to either side of the portion you intend to use for the train. This method is less intrusive than sewing a seam down the middle of the train, as such a line is too harsh for graceful gowns. Repeat the process with the lining fabric, if necessary.

    • 5). Fold the lining fabric and train fabric in half lengthwise and mark the required measurements with dressmaker's pins. Cut the respective measurements and round the corners of the lowest part of the train, as this will result in a train that flows gracefully out of the gown's existing hemline rather than having a hard corner.

    • 6). Sew the lining fabric and train fabric together with right sides together, leaving only the top open. Turn the train right side out and press the edges and seams flat with an iron set to the temperature appropriate for your fabric.

    • 7). Hand-stitch eight eye fasteners to the waistline's lining layer, keeping them on the back of the dress and spanning from side seam to side seam. With their spacing in mind, sew the hook fasteners to the top of your detachable train, sewing through both the lining and outer train layers.

    • 8). Connect the hooks and eyes and try on your gown. Test the train's width as you walk. Depending on its stiffness, you may not need to attach the hemline to your gown's skirt. If the train does not stay flared when you walk, however, mark the points at which the train should meet the gown's right and left side seams. Sew a pair of hook fastenings to the side seams of the gown and a pair of eyes to each side of the train. Connect the fastenings to keep the train in place.

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