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About Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry


    • According to the Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry website, the history of Hawaiian heritage jewelry dates back to the Victorian era and Hawaii's history as a kingdom, rather than as a part of the United States. Hawaii's Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani traveled to England to attend Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887. At the Jubilee, they were presented with gold bracelets, engraved with their names spelled out in Old English-style letters. The letters were filled with black enamel for a beautiful contrast against the gold. These bracelets were so dear to the Hawaiian queen and the princess that they commissioned similar bracelets for other members of the Hawaiian royal family. Since 1972, Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry has created personalized Hawaiian heritage jewelry in the style that the Queen and Princess so admired and had commissioned for the royal family.


    • Although the traditional royal Hawaiian heritage jewelry piece is the bracelet that was popularized by Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani, pendants and rings are also available. Because the Hawaiian heritage pieces are handmade, a wide range of sizes, including pieces for men, are possible.


    • According to the company website, Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry pieces are made from 14k gold. Each piece is made to the wearer's own size specifications. The traditional Hawaiian floral carvings are then added to the piece by hand, along with the wearer's name. After the piece is polished, black epoxy enamel is added to fill in the name engraving and the piece is baked to set the enamel.


    • Hawaiian heritage jewelry is a popular "milestone" jewelry item in Hawaii. The Royal Hawaiian Heritage website indicates that these jewelry pieces are often given to commemorate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. The timeless style and personalization of Hawaiian heritage rings have made them a popular choice for wedding rings, both for Hawaiian natives and those who travel to the island for destination nuptials.


    • Hawaiian heritage jewelry is available both in Hawaii and online. The Better Business Bureau gives Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry an A+ rating. In addition to their Hawaiian heritage pieces, Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry also offers other jewelry pieces, in gold and silver, that take their inspiration from the wildlife indigenous to the island.

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