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Y&R Recap, Oct.13, 2014: Phyllis Accepts Jack"s Marriage Proposal

Abby checks up on Victoria at work, and asks if things went so well with Billy at the hospital that they've decided to get back together. Victoria says nothing has changed. She is living her life and Billy is moving on with his. Victoria says that Billy only came to the hospital because of his concern about losing another child. They reminisce about Delia. It is almost a year since her death.  Victoria tells Abby that her marriage to Billy had its problems before Delia died.

Like trust. Billy was back into gambling, and then he slept with Kelly. Abby says the one fact that Victoria didn't consider is that she loves Billy and she always will.

Chelsea goes to the Abbott house to see Billy to make sure everything is okay with the baby since she woke up and he was gone. She figured he might have had to rush out to the hospital. Billy says he had some things to take care of at the house. Billy says Jack is at the hospital trying to figure out what to do about Phyllis and Kelly. He also wants to know if Chelsea has an answer to the question: What would she do if Adam came back? Chelsea says there is no point talking about it because Adam is gone. Chelsea says she thought they were going for more than friends with benefits. Billy agrees. She says if that is the case, why did he sneak out? He says he left because she was dreaming about Adam and said his name.Chelsea says it is no different than him constantly thinking about Delia. Billy says thanks for pointing it out.

She still craves Adam. Chelsea says she is trying to hold on to Adam's memory for her son. Billy says the only memory of Adam he has is of him killing his daughter. He can't get past the fact that she was married to him. Chelsea says she hates what Adam did, but he died before she stopped loving him. She compares Billy and Adam. Chelsea says they were both running scared. Chelsea breaks it off with Billy because she knows he is going to break it off with her when the baby is born. Billy tells her he worries what Delia would think if she knew he was spending time in Adam's bed.

Phyllis tells Jack that even though she was in a coma, she heard his proposal, and the answer is yes. Let's get married. Jack says she is surprised that she remembers. Jack says he owes her an apology. He proposed badly. She wasn't even conscious. Phyllis admits she owes him an apology, too. She had to pawn the engagement ring to get home to him and Summer. Jack says why didn't she contact him to help her. She asks him to get her ring back from the pawn shop. Phyllis asks how he went a whole year having one-sided conversations. Michael interrupts and Phyllis tells him she just accepted Jack's marriage proposal. 

Michael congratulates her and tells Jack that he will make sure that she stays calm during their visit. Phyllis is surprised that Michael didn't have a bigger reaction to her wedding news. He tells her he is trying to wrap his head around the fact that she is back. He tells her that Fen is talking about going to law school, and that he and Lauren are enjoying being empty nesters. Phyllis says she can never get the year back that she lost, but she wants to piece back the life she had before.

Kelly tells Lily she is at the Athletic Club to fine tune all the upcoming events. Lily says she understand that Kelly needs to stay busy, but maybe she should get out of town for a few days. Stitch overhears and wants to know what's up. Kelly tells him that Jack's fiancée woke up. Kelly says that Jack wasn't looking for anything serious when they met. She was the one who let her guard down and fell too hard too fast. Stitch says, hindsight. He knew when he got involved with Victoria that she was still in love with Billy. Kelly points out that if he is the father of her child, they will share that bond. Stitch says Billy will always come first with Victoria because she loved him first. 

Cane and Lily tell Neil that Devon won't be joining them for breakfast because he is out of town for a few days. Lily says she can't believe that Cane and Neil aren't more curious about who Devon is seeing. Neil agrees that the love of a good woman makes a difference. Neil tells them that he had asked Hilary for a divorce. He is happy she didn't take him up on it.

Devon shows up at Hilary's hotel room in New York City. Devon tells her about getting arrested at Nick's bachelor party. Hilary says she has been so busy with work, she hasn't had time to keep up on gossip. She says it has been a relief that Neil hasn't called because he thinks she has been faithful. Devon says then they should stop hiding the truth from him. Devon says he hurts. Does she? He says he loves her. They make love. Devon insists they tell Neil the truth. Hilary says it would kill Neil if she left him for his son. They have to agree that it ends now. He asks for one last kiss, which turns passionate and they tumble back into bed.

Stitch and Abby meet. She tells him that Victoria thought she was in labor and Billy came and calmed her down. Stitch wants to know how Billy knew. Abby admits she called him. Stitch points out the baby could be his. Abby tells him even if it is his baby, Victoria and Billy will get back together. Stitch walks out, and Abby gloats that she got his goat.

Stitch confronts Victoria about the fact that she didn't contact him when she thought she went into labor. He tells her he is going to get a lawyer to protect his place in the baby's life. Victoria says it is too soon to worry about custody. Stitch says he is tired of being on the outside looking in. Victoria says she doesn't want to be on her own. She kisses Stitch and then apologizes for it. 

Jack calls Kelly. She sees Phyllis' engagement ring that he picked up from the pawn shop, and misunderstands. She tells him it is enough that he loved her and wanted her. They don't need to rush into marriage. Then she realizes the ring wasn't meant for her. She tells Jack that she hopes he and Phyllis will be very happy.

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