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Memory and Keepsake Boxes - A Family Heirloom

Wouldn't it be interesting if your ancestors had kept a memory or keepsake box full of memorabilia about their lives, possibly photographs, newspaper cuttings, a diary or baby's first rattle.
Stored Birth certificates or Marriage Licences would mean you could build your family tree so much easier.
More and more people are storing these valuable documents and general family history memorabilia to pass on to their children as a family heirloom and a memory or keepsake box keeps everything much more secure long term than that cardboard box under the bed.
We live in a digital age and how easy it would be to record your voices on a CD or storage Flash Pen and store it away to be played years in the future.
To hear your Great Great Grandfather talking about his life, his work, his family and anything else of interest would be so fascinating, giving the family an insight as to how life was years ago.
Life moves at a fast pace, children grow up so quickly, we move house and often lose those small items that we meant to keep safe.
The identity tag from the hospital where your children were born, those first bootees, the first tooth left for the 'fairy' or that time when your first born was entered into the handsome baby competition and his picture was in the local paper.
How lovely if all these were stored in one place, kept safe in a memory or keepsake box preferably made of wood to stand the test of time.
If you have ever lost a loved one you will know how important it is to keep those precious memories safe in a memory box.
Although many memories are stored in your head, others can be brought out to reminisce and bring a smile to your face.
Have you saved all your achievement certificates or school reports from your younger days.
Are they in the attic or have they long gone.
What a shame they are lost, your daughter or son would love to see how 'perfect' you were during your school years! So don't throw out or lose those precious memories, store them, keep them safe in a wooden memory or keepsake box and keep it as a family heirloom for all to enjoy in the future.

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